I am sure many of you have heard of ALVIN the deep-sea submersible that has been seen on national TV featuring its capabilities of reaching depths of 14,800 ft. (4500 m) for nearly 60 years. Well ALVIN is undergoing an upgrade that will allow it to reach depths exceeding 21,000 ft. (6500 m) which is just over 4 miles (6.5 km). This is really amazing as it will allow scientists to reach nearly all the deepest regions of the ocean's floor.

Coiling Technologies is proud to be a supplier to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution which is currently performing the upgrade on ALVIN. CTI is providing precision springs made from Inconel X750 alloy as part of the upgrade to their mechanical systems. These springs will be exposed to the ocean’s waters and will see extreme pressures of approximately 650 atmospheres which is about 9500 psi (65.5 MPa) when reaching ALVIN’s maximum depth.

If Coiling Technologies can be relied upon to provide springs for deep-sea submersibles like ALVIN it would go without saying that you can rely on CTI to produce custom springs to your requirements. Please contact one of our sales representatives to discuss your custom spring needs. They can be reached at sales@coilingtech.com or simply make a call at +1-866-493-5538 we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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 ALVIN the deep-sea submersible supplied by Coiling Technologies