Whatever the project, whatever the challenge, if a spring is involved in the making of it, the perfection of the spring is a task coiling technologies loves to take on. Spring innovation is the secret behind a great spring manufacturing company. Coiling Tech prides its self in being able to customize any spring to fit the needs of the project.

To have a manufacturing company that creates springs, it’s important that:

-They have the right manufacturing equipment to adjust the size of the spring they’re creating. Every spring will come in a different size. A spring for a car will be completely different from a lawnmower engine spring. If the manufacturer can’t customize the size, there’s no reason you should go with them.

-Can the manufacturer use any type of metal or steel to create the spring? This can make a big difference. You might want stainless steel springs on some projects. That matters. If it’s a cheap metal and that’s it, good luck.

– How long does it take the manufacturer to develop the springs? Does it take months? Chinese spring manufacturers can take forever! It’s important to know who can get the spring job done right and on time.

-How many springs can they make? Do they have the spring manufacturing equipment to make thousands of springs quick? or does it take them a few batches?

-Do the springs last a lifetime? Or is this just a spring that will break in a year?

All of these questions are important and vital for you to ask when fulfilling your spring making mission! Spring innovation is the secret behind a great spring manufacturing company.