Coilingtech is one of the best manufacturers for torsion springs. These springs are very unique even though they have a similar helical design. Torsion springs are different because unlike compression springs, torsion springs recoil when they’re twisted. This unique spring requires a manufacturer that understands springs. Coiling Technologies has been in the business of specializing in torsion springs for many years now.

One of the advantages of going with a company that specializes in torsion springs, is the fact that they can customize it to your product. Every product is completely different, because of this every product will require a torsion spring with different dimensions and possibly even a different strength.  If the wrong torsion spring is placed with in the product, it can completely ruin the project.

Coiling tech does have engineers that will help in the design, just to make sure they have the job done correctly. We care about all of our clients and we want to make sure we get the job right the first time. If you have any questions about torsion springs, contact us today.