It’s not very often we get the chance to stray away from the business side of springs and take a look at the ingenious ways other people use springs. However, as we’ve seen a movement to take older industrial items (like springs) and up cycle them, we thought it would be a great change of pace to see the several ways springs can be utilized beyond their traditional uses.

Home Décor

Several home owners are finding old military suspension springs and repurposing them to industrial, yet sturdy stools. These stools are an excellent way to reuse old springs that are commonly found on unused and abandoned large trucks.

candle holder from springs

The trend for recycled springs has moved beyond repurposing for furniture as many creative housewives are using springs for bedside table décor like this photo. This spring is being used as a decorative holder for a Christmas candle. What an excellent way to pull a charming, yet rustic look into a home.

These hourglass compression springs are perfect for a whimsical vase. Maybe this crafty person thought they’d make an excellent gift or conversation piece for the coffee table.

wreath made from old bed springs

This wreath from Etsy showcases a rustic charm that is ideal for a house’s front door.


spring used with flower pot

These springs are used as a unique type of planter in a backyard garden or on a front deck.

Using smaller compression spring, this outdoor lover made cool desert garden lanterns.

This smart gardener recycled their old bed springs into a functional and green trellis for their pumpkin plants.

place cards from old springs

While this could fall under the category of organization, this savvy bride pulled off a rustic cottage charm for her outdoor wedding as her guests were greeted with place cards on an old set of bed springs.


Bed springs seem to be the theme for springs recycled for organization as the following three use them for artwork, as a memory board in an office, and as an organizer of food.

bed spring wall art

springs to hold paper cones

Creative Ways to Use Old Springs
As we see a movement to take older industrial items (like springs) and up cycle them, we are happy to see so many creative uses. We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s out of the box post.