Springs are fashioned from wire. Highly sophisticated machines are able to take a blueprint with specifics on shape and width of the wire and customize a spring in whatever fashion intended. Compression springs are those that resist the force of bringing the two ends together. You will see compression springs used in the shocks of any vehicle. Extension springs are designed to do the exact opposite. So as force is applied to pulling the ends apart the spring shows resistance. You’ll often times see these used in an aircraft. A torsion spring will work in a twisting motion. This twisting motion is often found in clips used in a weight room.

Whenever wire is fashioned in such a way that it’s not made into a spring of any kind it is referred to a custom wire form. These are used in a number of ways throughout society. Essentially any orthodontist office you go into you’ll see small custom wire forms made to fit the specific needs of each individual person involved. You’re also bound to see custom wire forms in any industrial manufacturing warehouse. Custom wire forms show the true genius in these highly sophisticated machines that fashion wire because they can create whatever design is needed. I recently came across a story of an orthodontist who had been fashioning small custom wire forms for his patients but was starting to get older and wanted to look into getting these manufactured. He was astonished to find out that there were these advanced machines capable of mass producing these wire forms exactly to his specifications. The manufacturer was able to have them out to him in just a few weeks.

As technology advances there will be even more innovations that custom wire forms are able to improve upon to help our society function more efficiently.