The demand for American jobs and products “Made in America” is sweeping the nation and several manufacturing industries are answering the call. We are beginning to see a trend to re-shore or bring back American manufacturing to United States’ warehouses and facilities. Small and large organizations alike are seeing the benefits of coming back to America (Good marketing, Lower Shipping Costs, Immediate Communication, etc…) and bringing back American employment. We applaud industries that are embracing this modern manufacturing trend and we’d like to spot light five of them here.

1.  Electronic Manufacturing

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook recently announced that in the coming year Apple will begin manufacturing their Mac product lines in the United States. Apple predicts that its re-shoring to American soil will spend $100 million on product manufacturing this year alone. This move by the electronic manufacturing gurus at Apple is only one of the industries recent home-shore moves.

American born company, General Electric just built plants in New York and Kentucky, spending more than $800 million to begin manufacturing on U.S. soil. GE also is planning to start a new assembly line here in America that makes their new stainless-steel dishwasher. That line is expected to begin any day here in the beginning months of 2013.

2. House Ware Manufacturing

Whirlpool Corp has been the manufacturer of the KitchenAid brand for years but it is not until now that Whirlpool is bringing the manufacturing of this American kitchen product back to the United States. This corporation is moving from China to Greenville, Ohio where KitchenAid/Whirlpool already manufactures a few other products.

3.  Spring Manufacturing

Spring manufacturing has been sent overseas for several years but custom spring manufacturers like the team here at Coiling Tech saw that our clients needed custom springs faster than the standard 8-12 week turn around. We also saw a need for durable and high quality spring, something that we just weren’t getting from offshore manufacturing. Located in Texas, we focus on better, faster and more economical manufacturing processes for American made springs.

4. Construction Equipment Manufacturing

Athens Georgia is the new onshore location for Caterpillar Inc.’s newest construction equipment manufacturing plant. The plant is expected to open soon with the production of mini hydraulic excavators and employ over 1,400 Georgia citizens. The current cost of Caterpillar Inc.’s investment in American manufacturing is expected to be roughly $200 million.

5.  Coffee and Food Manufacturing

Starbucks is following Caterpillar Inc.’s footsteps and opening a food manufacturing plant in nearby Augusta Georgia. The American facility is set to employ 140 American employees and will assist in manufacturing the famous coffee house’s Frappuccino and instant coffee drinks. While Starbucks is an international organization, we applaud their initiative to re-shore on American soil.

Bringing Back American Jobs

The demand for American jobs and products “Made in America” is sweeping the nation and we applaud industries that are embracing this modern manufacturing trend.