It has been said that the wheel is arguably the most important mechanical invention of all time. While that may be true, have you ever wondered how springs have affected our lives? A spring is often defined as an elastic object which is used to store mechanical energy. Springs are devices that change shape in response to external forces, returning to their original shapes when the forces are removed.

What Springs Are Made Of?

Springs can be made out of a variety of materials but are frequently made out of spring steel which is a low alloy, medium carbon steel or sometimes high carbon steel with high yield strength. Small springs are frequently wound from pre-hardened stock, while larger springs are usually made from annealed steel and then hardened after fabrication.

What Industries Use Springs?

It would be challenging to think of one single industry in our modern age that is not dependent upon springs in one way of the other. For this reason, springs play a profoundly important role in modern society. Many of the products that people enjoy employ springs.

Automobiles Require Springs in Shock Absorbers

Vehicle suspension is critical in getting cars to operate safely and comfortably. It is often taken for granted that we move about freely from point A to point B in great comfort because of springs. It would be impossible to achieve this safety and comfort level in the travel we do in our automobiles without the use of spring technology. It is believed that Claude Foster invented the first modern-day shock absorber in 1907. It was called the Snubber. Hydraulic shock absorbers would come later in 1856. Springs are also used in many other parts of the automobile including brakes and clutches.

Oil Field Spring Technology Keeps our Oil Fields Pumping Oil

Springs are also used in oilfield drilling equipment such as “downhole tools” and drilling equipment. The Mining industry uses springs as well. Other high profile industries that rely on spring technology are listed below:

All of these industries and many more find spring technology essential in creating the best products possible. The next time you sleep on a comfortable mattress made with springs, take a drive in a comfortable car with a great suspension or even turn a doorknob to open a door, remember that springs are used in all of these products to make our lives better. Springs have a huge impact on our lives.

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