It always shocks people on how many times a day they use springs in their life. One unique way on how springs are also used is with pedals. With musical instruments, like the drums, or even the piano, springs are used religiously . The guitar is a perfect example, even though they are very flat long wires that are connected they form a spring. When this spring is touch is sounds a vibration into the inside of the guitar, this creates a musical sound that releases out into the environment around the guitar.

The tightening of a metal wire, then the wire creating a vibration into the instrument is one of the most basic forms of music. This shows the impact that spring technology has on the music industry. Electric guitars offer a very similar technology, they just are way more electric.

With drum pedals there are all sorts of springs being used to create a vertical force when the foot pushes down on the pedal. This is more of a sling shot spring technology. With the guitar, the spring creates a vibration, the the pedal it’s very similar to the sling shot. The sling is very similar to the bow, which is the oldest instrument that uses spring technology. The springs built into the pedal have more of a custom wire form.

What this does is it shows us the many different ways springs can be used. Not only that, it shows us that springs can function in many different ways.