Powder coating works miracles for springs. It makes the springs look amazing and it protects them for the test of time. Powder coating is great for protecting rust. It might actually shock you on how many things are powder coated in your life.

Here’s a list of some powder coated items:
-Tools,there are many tools that have powder coated handles. The coating gives the handle a more firm grip. The rubber powder coating also protects the metal for many years, making the tool last longer.

-Car suspension springs, with those really nice suspension springs built into those impressive cars, the shocks usually have a nice powder coating placed on them. This is mainly for looks in these situations. Although, the powder coating does work really well for protecting the suspension springs over time.

-Screws, nuts, and bolts. On certain manufactured parts, it’s usually best that the screw have a powder coating over them.

-Machines and machine parts, because powder coated metals will last the test of time, companies want their machines to last. Powder coated machines actually really help the machines last. They make the machines last longer because they protect the machine from damage.

One thing that powder coating does to metal is it protects it from aging. The dust and elements around the metal can help decay the metal over the life of the metal. If there’s any cheap metal it definitely will need to be powder coated to help it last the test of time.