There are many advantages to powder coating equipment. Equipment that is metal especially. The biggest two advantages with powder coating is that the coating protects the metal which is protecting the equipment. The other main advantage is the fact that the rubber coating is very easy to grip.

There are other facts about powder coating that makes it very attractive to manufacturers. The nice part about powder coating is it’s all recyclable. The compounds are a volatile organic compound (VOC). The VOC are chemicals that have a vapor pressure, it can be made in room temperature conditions.

Powder coat has a nice texture that is actually ideal for springs. The springs will still have their strong compression resistance when they’re coated with powder.

The other advantages of powder coating equipment is the affordability. The material is more affordable. With the ability to make the equipment last longer and with the affordability, the return on investment is very solid.

Another advantage of powder coating is the fact that it’s very easy to remove. If after a year you decide you want to change things up all you would need is methylene chloride and it’s actually very effective at removing the coating. Another method to remove the powder coating is by abrasive blasting.

Powder coating is worth the time and money if you’re going to invest in the steel equipment!