Compression springs can  sometimes be placed on equipment or machinery that can take a pounding over the years. Whether if it’s in the sun, or if a liquid hits it everyday, if the steel is cheap, the springs might break down quicker. Coiling Technologies offers stainless steel compression springs. These compression springs will work miracles over time if you expect the springs to face off with external elements over time.

It can be easy for springs to rust. Cheap steel will always rust. Spring manufacturers can be guilty of going with the cheapest steel for springs because it’s cost efficient and that can increase profits. Coiling technologies goes with a stainless steel to make their compression springs. The biggest advantage with stainless steel compression springs is the fact that it will eliminate rust. If a spring is exposed to the sun and it gets wet just a few times, the spring will start rusting and it will decay the quality of the spring.

Stainless steel compression springs are very aesthetically pleasing. They look great.  In products that need to look great to increase sells, it’s worth the investment to go with stainless steel.

There are many other benefits of stainless steel. It does a great job fighting off bacteria, or germs. To learn more about stainless steel compression springs, you can just contact us here at