It was in 1874 when the first ever furniture spring was placed into furniture. Springs help create the comfort into furniture. Even leather sofas have springs built into them. If springs are developed perfectly with the right cotton and cushions, they will be very comfortable and they will last for many years to come.

The spring can’t be too solid, but it needs to be solid enough where it will create a stabilization when the individual sits on the sofa. There are 3 basic elements that make up the perfect sofa.

You have the wood, which creates the base and the foundation of the sofa. The wood is connected with everything that makes us the sofa. It’s connected with the microfiber that makes the material, which can also be know as the skin of the couch. If anything happens to the wood the sofa goes. The best sofas usually use the strongest wood, they weigh more, but can work really well with the spring technology built into them.

The Springs make up an important portion of the sofa. They’re usually placed near and on the wood at the bottom. The springs with sofas have a wider diameter. The wide diameter is needed because of the width of the sofas, and the amount of pressure placed on them when people sit down. The springs help support the wood from breaking, and they make the furniture more comfortable at the same time.

Above the springs and the wood are the cotton pads. Some furniture companies will not use cotton pads but they will use other soft fibers that will help keep the furniture comfortable. Placed above the pads are the seat cushions. The seat cushions are usually filled with the best type of cotton. The cotton in the seat cushions placed upon the coiled springs will help make an amazing sofa.

These are all of the basics to understanding the making of furniture. The quality of the furniture usually will depend upon the quality of the manufacturer. The best manufacturers will usually use the best custom coiling springs, and the best over all material that is on the market.