Types of Springs

There are two types of main springs a non-coiled spring and a coiled spring. The non-coiled spring has been around forever. A great example of a non-coiled spring is a bow and arrow. A bow and arrow has been around to help with food and protection. This is one of the earliest spring technologies. Anytime a string is tightened to create a bounce, that can be considered a “spring”.

In the 1300s there was spring technology being used in chariots. Chariots had a complex spring and suspension system built in, that helped give them more miles.

The Creation of Leaf Springs

In the 18th century, the french put an arc-shaped plate onto a carriage to better hold the weight. This metal plate is considered a leaf spring, and it was the first-ever leaf spring used on a transportation vehicle.

Springs in a Pistol

In 1493, Leonardo Da Vinci customized a spring to be built within a pistol to make it possible for the pistol to be shot off in a single hand. This spring was the beginning of revolutionizing the gun. Guns today use various types of spring technology to make guns work efficiently.

The First Coiled Spring

R. Tradwell filed a Brittish patent, number 792, for the first coiled spring back in 1763. The word coil meant to wind cylindrically or spirally. This new patent was considered a step up from the leaf spring which had to be separated and lubricated often or it was very squeaky. The new coiled spring didn’t have to be spread apart.

In the year 1857, the steel coil spring was officially invented and was often used in the construction of chair seats.

Ever since the inventions of these coil springs, springs have been used in everything from shoes to trampolines. They helped make the car industry what it is today. Springs are used in every type of machinery and they really do help make the world go around.

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