Out of all of the springs that exist, compression springs are among the most well known springs.  Even many people outside of the business manufacturing world know what a compression spring looks like, they may not tie it to the word compression but they’ve seen one before. Large compression springs can take on a lot of force. That’s why people love them is they’re known for their about to resist energy placed on top of it.

The recoiling action, built into the compression spring allows for that very strong pressure. Meaning that when the spring is pushed, it pushed back with a stronger force because the coils will naturally recoil. This in turn make large compression springs have a very big impact. The shocks on your car are very similar to large compression springs. When your car hits a bump, the shocks protect the car by naturally resisting the force the car experienced from the bump.

Here at coilingtech, we do a wonderful job at understanding spring projects. When we have an understanding we can customize the large compression spring to fulfill the needs of your project.