When you see a mouse trap the last thing you probably think of is a torsion spring. Interestingly enough, the torsion spring is practically on every single mouse trap on the market. Most people probably don’t ever use mouse traps, but this is one way to show the popularity of torsion torsion springs.

Torsion springs are among the most powerful springs. There power comes from their ability to create a forward snapping force. Torsion springs were born the same time the United States was born, right in 1777. The inventor of the torsion spring was named Charles Augustin De Coulomb. Six years after the invention a man by the name of John Michell tweaked the invention by tightening it and allowing it to create that stronger force.

Even before the 1700’s a torsion type spring was used before it was formerly invented. In medieval times the catapult was used, the forward thrusting power that happened when the pulled back energy was released created a great war time weapon with the catapult.

Outside of metal and outside of parts, when humans play sports they naturally create energy with torsion like movements. Take for example a baseball player that’s pitching. The pitcher transfers energy naturally just like a torsion spring.

Torsion springs are used in vehicles, they’re used for garage door openers. Torsion springs are many different engines, they’re one of more popular types of springs because they create that force when they resist force. The torsion spring is made by coiling technologies. Coiling Tech uses the best innovative manufacturing technology to make the torsion spring.