Extension springs are the more affordable route when it comes to spring projects. This cost effective spring is used to keep parts and things from slamming. Take for example the garage door. The resistance in that the spring creates prevents the garage door from slamming into the ground. It does more than that though, the resistance keeps all of the parts in play.

The tension is incredibly strong in extension springs. This is what makes their resistance just as powerful. If the The word Extension has the word tension in it, it’s there for a reason. The tension really does create a powerful resistance and if that tension is gone, so is the resistance.

Extension springs are easier to make. They’re pretty well branded and they have many useful applications. Extension springs are HUGE with trampolines. With trampoline extension springs, it’s pretty amazing. You have anywhere from 15 to 30 very large extension springs, attached to the poling around a trampoline. What then happens is a really cool game of energy transportation. As the human applies a force into the trampoline, all of the extension springs work together to pull the trampoline mat back to its original state. This creates an upward force, which throws the human higher into the air. As the human goes higher, the energy coming down is a lot stronger. This stronger energy forces the extension springs to pull the trampoline up quicker and harder, the human than goes higher and higher.

The trampoline is a prime example of how extension springs work. Apply the trampoline extension spring theory to many other inventions and you have an entire industry of extension springs. You can then see how extension springs might be a better fit for a project, over torsion springs. Torsion springs are great in their own way. The best part about coiling tech is the fact that we can customize extension springs and torsion springs.