Compression springs are amazing, they protect machines, and do many things in the world today. They’re the most commonly used springs in the world today. Compression springs come with a size and size can be the most crucial part of how effective your spring is.

Size and Weight Impact

The thinness of the spring has an impact on how much weight the spring can hold. If you have some pressure or weight that can be considered very heavy or just heavy, you would need to invest in heavy duty springs, or heavy duty compression springs. A vehicle or car is a wonderful example of compression springs that are very heavy duty. With heavy duty compression springs, you can get away with the springs being shorter.

The distance of protection will be determined by the height and strength. If the strength is very strong, you can get away with shorter springs, that’s if the weight of the pressure is not as high. If there needs to be the distance to protect, the longer the spring the better. If you have a long spring that is strong it’s the best investment. The length of the spring can add more overall steel, the steel when compressed will determine the length of protection the spring will offer.

When approaching a spring dealer, you will want to have all of the sizing semi- planned out. The best part about a company like Coiling Technologies is the fact that we know the impact size has on springs, we know how to customize springs and make springs worth your investment.