If it wasn’t for springs, people wouldn’t be as strong in today’s world. Springs do an amazing job creating resistance and protecting machines in a work out. Many different types of spring technology are used during work outs. Most springs in the gym are in the work out machines. When the body is pulling the machine, when using it, their usually is a spring in that machine. When the weights go up, when the pull happens, the weights typically have a ceiling. A good machine will have springs built around the ceiling. The springs around the ceiling will protect the machine and the weights will naturally push off of the spring.

Springs in other machines will be used to create a resistance. It wont usually be a full on coiled spring. Anytime a resistance is created with wiring or any bands, it’s a form of a spring.

Don’t forget about those Nike shocks running shoes. Shoes also use a traditional spring to protect the heal from the heal strike. The heal strike has a reputation of hurting the knees over the year. If it wasn’t for the springs built into the shoes, we might have more knee problems in the world!