Custom springs from Coiling Technologies, are springs that have been created to meet your specific
needs. Whether for furniture, machines, pedals or mousetraps, custom springs can be created to your
exact specifications and suit whatever you need them for.

What Type of Custom Springs Can Be Created?

We can create almost any time of custom spring, including but not limited to coil springs, extension
springs, torsion springs and compression springs. These each are used for different products throughout
the world and can be created to the exact measurements and tension needed for your special project or

We can also offer prototyping for springs as well as powder coat and heat treat your springs so they
work and look their absolute best for your conditions.

Why Should I Get my Custom Springs From You?

Coiling Technologies is proud to say we are leaders in the custom spring industry with the experience,
expertise and technologies to create spring products that meet your requirements. We also are leaders
in the manufacturing of high-tech and quality springs for multiple projects and spring using industries.

To keep operating costs low as well as quickly produce quality custom springs, we manage all of our
services in-house and produce the reliable springs you’ve requested and need. Our rejection rate is
less than one percent of all products that we manufacture and we are pleased that we can provide the
springs you need, even if it’s just one custom spring or several million. When its repeatability and on
time deliveries, we are also the company for custom springs.

Custom Springs for Your Projects

Whether your project requires millions of military springs, a few custom Belleville springs or two largecompression springs, the team at Coiling Technologies is happy to help you meet your spring needs.
Many people are surprised how many everyday items use springs and for your custom spring project, we
are positive we can provide the springs you need. For more information about Coiling Technologies and
our custom springs, contact us today.