Compression Springs

Compression springs are in the shape of a helix made from spring wire and are primarily used in a ‘PUSH’ application. When we put a load on a compression spring, it initially compresses and then stores the energy, which in turn pushes back the load and the spring returns to its original position. Compression springs are generally made from circular cross-section material due to its availability, Compression Springshowever, we can also use square, rectangle, oval and tapered cross-section to achieve a better design to meet your special requirements.

We can also configure compression springs into various shapes such as a cone, hourglass or barrel. As one of the best compression spring manufacturers, we will be able to serve you with spring dimensions from 0.011” to 3.00” for your application.

Our Helical Compression Springs are produced with extensive types of materials including:

Super Alloys Inconel X-750, Inconel 600 Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant Materials
Cobalt-Nickel Alloys Springs

MP35N, Elgiloy

Highly resistant to sulfide stress corrosion and cracking

Nickel Alloys Springs

Hastelloy and Nimonic

Resistance to non-oxidizing acids and Nimonic withstand very high temperatures

Nonferrous Springs

Phosphor Bronze and Beryllium Copper

Excellent corrosion resistance and are nonmagnetic



Diagram of a Compression Spring