Custom Springs Manufacturer

What Is A Custom Spring?

Custom Springs are designed considering various constraints like physical dimension, operating temperature, humidity, cycle life requirements, special end conditions and much more. All of these requirements cannot be satisfied with standard spring products. This is why we need custom springs.

There are millions of various applications like automotive suspension, vibration isolation, valves, actuators etc. We have the experience, flexibility, and creativity to help you solve your spring needs so you can have a better competitive edge in new markets. There are nearly an endless number of construction possibilities concerning the material, shape and design of a spring. We can design with square, rectangle, oval and tapered cross-section material to achieve a better design to meet special requirements.

Custom Springs

We specialize in developing and manufacturing springs that are used in extreme condition in various industries including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Industries
  • Military Application
  • Aircraft Industry
  • Marine Environments

We have a wide variety of raw material stock is available in our warehouse and the flexibility to respond to a customer's needs on custom prototype springs with short lead times.