Springs in the Submersible Industry 

Coiling Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures customized springs for deep sea use. Equipment used in deep water must be reliable, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Attention to detail, quality, and functionality are critical for equipment to operate safely and smoothly in highly pressurized conditions.Corrosion Resistant Springs Being Used in Deep Sea Industry Equipment Underwater

Customized springs designed and manufactured by Coiling Technologies Inc. provide the corrosion resistance and tensile strength to withstand the most extreme conditions that can occur in deep-sea applications. For example, CTI provided special Inconel springs for the deep-sea submersible ALVIN; with the current upgrade, ALVIN will be able to reach depths of 21,000 ft. (6500 m). Read more about us supplying for Alvin here at our LinkedIn Post. 

Deapsea Industry Springs & Coils

Coiling Technologies Inc. manufactures customized, large compression springs, extension springs, wave springs, and torsion springs for use in deep-sea environments. Our expertly engineered and designed, and rigorously tested springs have a wide range of applications in the deep-sea industry.

Use customized compression springs, extension springs, and torsion springs manufactured by Coiling Technologies, Inc., for:

  • Undersea drilling equipment
  • Safety Hatches
  • Watertight doors
  • Underwater HVAC systems
  • Naval Vessels
  • Submarines
  • Remotely operated underwater vehicles
  • Autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Submersibles
  • Pressure vessels

Water & Corrosion Resistant Springs

When it comes to deep sea application, the utilization of corrosion resistant springs and water resistant springs is essential. We work with a range of anti-corrosive materials like copper alloys that include:

Familiar Stainless-steel grades such as 316, Super Duplex, and Nitronic 50 are also used.

Nickel alloys are also commonly used in deep water applications such as

All these alloys perform extremely well in applications with saltwater exposure. In certain instances, carbon steel grades such as chrome silicon and chrome vanadium can be selected if proper corrosion protection or coatings are utilized and there is not direct exposure to the aquatic environment. Each material type varies in its chemical composition and properties. We can help you find the right material that perfectly suits the environment in your application.

Your Custom Spring Partner

Coiling Technologies Inc. utilizes innovative processes and state-of-the-art technology to design, develop and deliver the reliable springs you require for your equipment to function exceptionally well in deep water.

We manufacture springs to our customers’ exact design specifications, meeting the tightest tolerances and producing the most complex designs with supreme accuracy and attention to detail.

Coiling Technologies Inc. is driven to provide exceptional service in the spring industry. We accomplish this every day with each customer and client with our highly skilled engineers, well-experienced staff, and the best practices we apply to our manufacturing products and services.

We offer our customers comprehensive services beginning from specification analysis, design assistance, and manufacturing of custom springs that meet requirements for quality and cost.

Our versatility is unbeatable, and with our springs’ high performance and quality, you can count on us to deliver exactly what you need every time. Contact us to request a quote today!