Die springs are of various types and sizes. 

They are light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy-duty springs depending on the forces that you require. We can assist you in choosing the best type of spring that is suited properly for your application. They are typically made from rectangular wire with flat ground and squared ends which helps reduce the buckling of springs. They are also known as high force compression spring as they can withstand higher loads, temperatures, and stresses than a standard compression spring. These can also be used in brake and clutch applications. The typical material utilized in dies springs is Chrome Vanadium (CrV) and Chrome Silicon (CrSi) or a hybrid alloy of Chrome Silicon Vanadium (CrSiV) alloy.


 Custom Die Springs 


Custom Die Springs: At Coiling Technologies, Inc. we employ effective, fast, and economical technologies to produce the springs you need for your project. We can handle any level of production, from one unique piece to hundreds of thousands of units. Our engineers will work with your technical staff to provide a die spring of any size, material, and finish that is the best suited to meet your requirements. Contact us today to learn more.