Belleville Springs & Washers

Disc springs, also known as Belleville Springs or Spring Washers, are the best choice for a variety of applications. These conical shaped springs are loaded in an axial direction and can be designed as single or stacked based on the needs of our customers.

Advantages of Disc SpringsDisc Springs

  • Heavy load bearing capacity
  • Space-saving and low maintenance cost
  • Good shock absorption and energy dissipation
  • High fatigue life and tensile strength

Custom Disc Springs

Coiling Technologies, Inc. can produce a wide range of disc springs by applying our high-performance, internal equipment, and automated processes. We can form or cut almost any diameter you need with our high definition plasma and water laser. We use quality materials in our designs to ensure the spring’s reliability even under extremely heavy loads. These custom disc springs are particularly well-suited to handle tasks that are subject to extreme thermal expansion or contraction, vibrations, or bolt creep. Contact us to learn more.

Disc SpringsDisc Springs