Custom Extension Springs

Custom Extension Springs

Our customized extension springs are designed and manufactured to meet your exact parameters and perform in the most demanding and challenging conditions.

Extension springs absorb and store energy as well as create a resistance to a pulling force. These springs are commonly attached at both ends to components. When the components move apart, the spring works to bring them back together.

We have the technical expertise, design creativity, and manufacturing flexibility to supply the springs you need to give your operation the competitive edge in new markets.

To create the extension spring you need, our experts work closely with you to:

  • Assess operating conditions, functional service life, and specific load requirements
  • Determine physical dimensions, shape, and size
  • Create a spring design, including ends such as loops, hooks, eyes, or other interfaces
  • Select the proper material for manufacturing

Extension Spring Applications

Our extension springs can be used for any application requiring tension and an extending force:

  • Automotive parts
  • Garage door assemblies
  • Hoisting assemblies
  • Vise-grip pliers
  • Trampolines
  • Washing devices
  • Farm machinery
  • Toys
  • Medical devices
  • Porch swings
  • Pool cover mounts

Design Parameters 

Our experts can configure and create customized extension springs to your exact specifications and load requirements. We can manufacture extension springs in almost any dimension. A wide range of hook and loop configurations are available.

Free length: Length of a spring in the unloaded position as measured from inside the end loops. We can cut to a desired length to meet specific load requirements.

Body length: Sizes available up 72 inches 

Wire / Bar diameter: Sizes available up to 2.50 inch

Hook length: Adjustable to obtain the precisely required spring load at any extended position

End types: Manufactured with the specific end configuration you require: Hooks, threaded inserts, extended twist loops, crossover center loops, expanded eyes, reduced eyes, rectangular, teardrop-shaped.

extension springs


 extension springs


Coiling Technologies sources only the best raw materials around the globe to manufacture our customized extension springs. The materials we use meet – and almost always – exceed OEM standards. We offer an extensive array of materials to choose from to ensure the lightest possible product that can handle the most extreme conditions.

Carbon Steel

Properties: The most common type of spring steel. Very economical. High strength and good ductility. Suitable for elevated temperatures up to 450 degrees and repeated shock loading.

Stainless Steel

Properties: Remarkable resistance to corrosion. Less expensive and reliable. Good tensile strength.

Super Alloys and Nickel Alloys

Properties: Used in extreme environments where tremendous heat and corrosion resistance is paramount. These materials can withstand extreme high temperatures and stress corrosion cracking. They are resistant to non-oxidizing acids.

Cobalt-Nickel Alloys

Properties: Highly resistant to sulfide stress corrosion and cracking.


Properties: Nonmagnetic and extremely resistant to corrosion

About Coiling Technologies Inc.

Coiling Technologies, Inc. is an ISO-certified manufacturer of high-tech, specialized springs and is committed to providing quality products. Coiling Technologies has the experience, expertise, and equipment to deliver the superior springs you want and the dedication and passion to provide the service you deserve.

Coiling Technologies, Inc.:

  • Certified ISO 9001 manufacturer of custom-crafted small or large coil springs, compression springs, extension springs, suspension springs, wave springs, and torsion springs
  • Has more than 45 years of experience in the industry
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology and efficient manufacturing methods to shorten production times and improve product consistency
  • Extremely flexible systems – can manufacture any kind of spring in any size of any material
  • Offers on-site product prototyping, stamping setups, wire forms, powder coating, special coatings, magnetic particle inspections, shot peening, cycle testing, and heat treating