Coiling Technologies, Inc. is always known for the superior quality products that we deliver to our customer. We are always keen that each delivered product is tested under our standard testing methodology and special inspection is done before the springs are moved to our warehouse.

Some of the testing methods we follow are:

spring analysis extension springLoad Testing:

In load testing, a load is applied to the spring and then the displacement of the spring is checked. Alternatively, the spring can be compressed to a known distance and then the load checked at that point, if the parameters match with the requirement then the spring can be marked as OK, otherwise the sample shall be rejected. We are able to test up to 48,000 pounds.

Magnetic Particle Inspection:

This technique is capable of producing more accurate and sensitive testing result. This is mainly followed to detect fatigue cracks at an early stage of development. This helps to identify microcracks with widths of 0.001 mm and depths of 0.01 mm or more.

Liquid Penetrant Testing:

This is also known as the color check method. The surface of the material is coated with a liquid under penetrating forces, and this liquid flows into the open flaws by which we can detect the cracks on the surface of your spring.

 extension spring

Please contact us, if you have any questions about our testing methods.