The oil and gas industry requires a wide range of springs from torsion to compression. There are plenty of processes involved in this industry and each deploys a variety of equipment and machines which contain springs of various forms.

Each of these machines operates in different environments involving high temperature, harsh environment. Coiling Technologies, Inc. has years of experience in manufacturing high quality and reliable springs to operate in these extreme environmental conditions.

Springs from materials like Inconel X750 have the ability to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion that makes it well suited to operate in this industry. At Coiling Technologies, Inc. each spring undergoes heat treatment, shot peening and coating to improve the performance and reliability to operate in even the harshest environment.

Coiling Technologies, Inc. has produced springs for a variety of oil and gas applications including:

  • Extraction machinery
  • Gas & oil pumping equipment
  • Oil refinery equipment
  • Valves
  • Turbines

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