Spring Basics

Springs can be defined as an elastic body which deflects under load and later has the ability to recover to its original position.

There are various types of springs such as custom, compression, torsion, and suspension. Each spring type has unique features and design specification. It is always important to choose the right spring that best suits your application.

Some guidelines for choosing the right spring:

  • resourcesWe first analyze your requirements and assist you to choose the best type. For example, compression springs are best suited for ‘Push ‘application such as the spring in a ball point, or shock absorbers in a car.
  • Springs can be made from wide variety of materials. The properties and composition of these different materials varies. For example, Inconel X750 is best suited for springs operating at elevated temperatures.
  • Spring ends, shapes and wire thickness is also a key factor
  • Choose the right coating and surface treatment. As they change some special physical properties of your spring such as tolerance, fatigue life and resistance to corrosion.

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