Shot peening is a method to improve the operating life of your spring by creating beneficial compressive residual stress. We are able to shot peen a spring with wire diameters ranging from 0.010 inches up to 3.5 inches. Shot peening can increase the operating life by 5 to 10 times more when compared to un-peened spring.

How it works:

shot peeningShot peening is a cold working process in which small spheres called shot bombard the surface of your spring at a high velocity under controlled conditions. This creates a compressive residual stress which delays the initiation of fatigue cracking and strengthens your spring thus improving the fatigue life of your spring.

Benefits of Shot Peening:

  • Enhance fatigue strength
  • Prevents cracking due to wear
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Prevents hydrogen embrittlement

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