Vehicle Suspension Springs Manufacturer

Over the years we have given a dedicated service in design and manufacturing springs for vehicle suspension. We can also assist you in the redesign of your spring, material and coating selection to improve the performance of your suspension system.

Our engineers have hands-on experience in the manufacturing of leaf springs, torsion bars or a combination of both with good shock absorbing capacity.

We can also do custom spring design that meets all of your design needs. Coiling Technologies, Inc. have designed and manufactured hundreds of thousands of military suspension springs for numerous U.S. government vehicles as well as for U.S. allies around the world.

Some of the suspension springs we have designed and produced include

vehicle suspension

  • Military Vehicle Suspension Springs
  • Prototype and OEM Automotive Springs
  • High Performance Springs for Lifting and Lowering a vehicle
  • Racing Suspension Springs (All forms of Motorsport)
  • Automotive Aftermarket Springs
  • Recreational Vehicle Springs
  • Emergency Vehicle Springs

Contact us, for further information and assistance with any vehicle suspension solution needs.