Industrial Wire Forms 

Wire forms typically are made from wire that is bent to have specific angles and lengths. These springs/forms can be designed in almost any configuration to fit a wide range of projects, and we can manufacture our wire forms from many different materials to ensure they will have the necessary tensile strength without losing elasticity.

wire formsCustom Wire Forms

Coiling Technologies, Inc is able to custom manufacture these wire forms with either wire or a bar, depending on your project’s needs. Whether you need to use custom wire forms in electronic products or as a fastening mechanism in your machinery, our engineers can help design and manufacture the parts you need for your project.

Our automated processes allow us to create the forms with your precise specifications, as well as the ability to repeat those results any time you require more pieces.

Wire Form Shapes:

Rolled Round, Flattened Round, Rectangular, and Shaped.

Customizable Form Sizes:

.008” to .375” (We can also provide wire forms of a custom size that meet your requirement.

Contact us or request a quote today to customize the perfect wire form for your application.