Custom Carbon Alloy Steel Springs

Coiling Technologies manufactures carbon and low alloy steel springs for a variety of applications and industries. High-carbon steel wire is very economical and is the most common type of spring steel. These fall under the hard-drawn and oil-tempered material grades. These grades include:

  • ASTM A227
  • ASTM A228 - Also known as Piano Wire, Music Wire, JIS G 3522
  • ASTM A229

High carbon steel is available in various grades and can provide high strength and good ductility which makes it ideal for various types of springs and a very popular and cost-effective option for spring making.

Low alloy carbon steel Features & Benefits

Low alloy carbon steel is more suitable for elevated temperatures up to 450 F ( 230 C) and repeated shock loading the most common grades for these types of applications is Chrome Vanadium (CrV) and Chrome Silicon (CrSi) material grades, ASTM A 231 and ASTM A401 respectively. These material grades are more commonly used in high-stress dynamic conditions like engine valve springs and high-stressed suspension applications for higher-performance vehicles. Typically, these steel grades require only tempering after coiling.

For Larger material diameters above 0.625” various steel grades like 5160 H, 4161, 6150 and 51CrV4 are commonly used. These material grades are not pre-tempered and typically must be heat treated to obtain their optimum material and tensile strength properties.

Industries Using Carbon Alloy Springs

These springs are readily available and extensively used in commercial applications. It is not suitable for operating in corrosive environments without applying a coating or metallic conversion or electroplating process, extreme temperatures, or repeated dynamic shock loading. There are many industries using carbon alloy springs for their industrial applications. 

Common Carbon Alloy Steel Grades Springs

Coiling Technologies can produce springs made of Carbon and low alloy steel. The available size ranges are from 0.008” wire to 2.5” bar.

Common carbon steel material grades are:

  • ASTM A227
  • ASTM A230
  • ASTM A232
  • ASTM A231
  • ASTM A228
  • ASTM A229
  • ASTM A30
  • ASTM A401
  • ASTM A679
  • ASTM A 689
  • ASTM A877
  • ASTM A878
  • ASTM A1000
  • BS2803
  • BS521
  • DIN 17223
  • JIS3522
  • JIS3560
  • JIS3561
  • JIS3565
  • JIS3566

Take a look at some of our Carbon & Alloy Steel grades below or contact us today for more information on our custom spring manufacturing.