Nickel Alloy Springs

Coiling Technologies fabricates custom nickel alloy springs for the aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, and other industries. The versatile properties and high performance of nickel alloys make them an excellent choice for industrial springs. We strive to manufacture springs that meet or exceed your current product specifications.

Benefits of Nickel Alloy Springs

Nickel alloy springs have outstanding corrosion and high-temperature resistance. Nickel alloys offer high strength, durability, and reliability even amid the harshest environments.

They provide extreme resistance to corrosion under reducing chemical environments and seawater. The properties of nickel alloy make it an in-demand material in the spring manufacturing industry.

Nickel Alloy Springs

The Benefits of Nickel Alloys for Springs

Nickel is a versatile element and will alloy with most metals. It demonstrates good coiling ability and, in most cases, doesn't require additional lubricants. These factors cause less stress on your equipment, benefiting you with reduced downtime and maintenance.

Many nickel alloys are nonmagnetic. This feature is critical for applications in chronoscopes, gyroscopes, and indicating instruments. However, nickel alloy is highly resistant to electricity and is therefore not suitable as an electrical conductor.

Applications for Springs Fabricated From Nickel Alloys

Springs made from nickel alloy are used in demanding environments such as:

Nickel alloy is typically used to manufacture compression, torsion, and extension springs. However, we can custom-manufacture any type of spring your project requires.

Types We Provide

We provide several types of springs made from nickel alloy, including:

We also supply Nitronic and Rene 41 nickel alloy springs.

Quality Springs from Coiling Technologies

One of CTI's main objectives is to improve the service and quality you anticipate from a spring manufacturer. We are ISO-certified and capable of meeting a range of industry-specific products. Contact us online or request a quote today for your nickel alloy springs by calling 1-800-969-2645.