A286 Alloy Springs

A286 is non-magnetic and possesses a level of aqueous corrosion resistance comparable to that of the austenitic stainless steels. A-286 can attain high strength levels when aged after cold work, and has wide application in high-temperature fasteners and springs

Technical Specification A286 Alloy
Nominal Composition

Cr:13.50 - 16

Ni:24.0 -27.0

Mo: 1.0 - 1.50

Ti: 1.9 – 2.35


0.286 lb./in3

Modulus of Elasticity (E)

28.8 x 106 psi

Modulus of Rigidity (G)

29.1 x 103 ksi

Coefficient of Expansion

9.09 µin/in.-°F (200°F)

Electrical Resistivity

91.0 µΩ.cm

Thermal Conductivity

8.7 Btu/(hr/ft2/in/°F)

Min Size

0.018 in (0.45 mm)

Max Temp

700oC (1300oF)


It is stiffer than stainless steel 316 and 310, and it work hardens rapidly