A36 Alloy Springs

A36 plate is a low carbon steel that exhibits good strength coupled with formability. A36 is a common structural steel plate that can be galvanized to provide increased corrosion resistance.

Technical Specification A36 Alloy
Nominal Composition

C: 0.25 - 0.29


Fe: 98

Mn: 1.03


0.284 lb./in3

Modulus of Elasticity (E)

29 x 106 psi

Modulus of Rigidity (G)

11.5 x 103 ksi

Coefficient of Expansion

6.5 µin/in.-°F (70°F)

Electrical Resistivity

82 µΩ.cm

Thermal Conductivity

72.6 Btu/(hr/ft2/in/°F)

Min Size

0.004 in (0.101 mm)

Max Temp

593oC (1100oF)


Yield strength of A36 is less so it can be bent more readily