Inconel 718 Manufacturer

Inconel 718 is an age-hardenable Nickel-Chromium-Columbium (Niobium)-Molybdenum alloy with high strength, corrosion resistance, and good fabrication characteristics. Inconel 718 has high tensile, yield, and creep-rupture properties at high temperatures.  

Technical Specification Inconel 718
Nominal Composition

Ni:50.0 - 55.0
Cr: 17.0 - 21.0

Cb(Nb): 4.75 - 5.5

Mo: 2.8 - 3.3


0.296 lb./in3, (8.19 g/cm3)

Modulus of Elasticity (E)

At 70°F (20°C):29.0 x 103 ksi

Modulus of Rigidity (G)

At 70°F(20°C): 11.6x103 ksi

Coefficient of Expansion

7.7 µin/in.-°F (70°F to 600°F)
13.9 µm/m-°C (20°C to 300°C)

Electrical Resistivity

47.5 µΩ.in, (121 µΩ.cm)

Thermal Conductivity

79 Btu-in/ft2hr-°F, (12.0 W/m-K)

Min Size

0.002 in (0.0500 mm)

Max Temp

650oC (1200oF)


It has good resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures. Hence used in atmospheres encountered in jet engines and gas turbine operations.