Inconel 718 Springs

Coiling Technologies, Inc. produces high-quality springs, with precision tolerances made from Inconel 718 alloy wire and bar diameters up to 2.50” (65 mm). Our team of engineers can assist you in designing your complex corrosive and low and high-temperature spring applications. Professionally crafted along with our rigid testing standards provides the springs for your toughest applications.

Coiling Technologies is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has quality standards in place to ensure that your product is produced to our and your standards.

What is Inconel 718?

Inconel 718 is an age-hardenable Nickel-Chromium-Columbium (Niobium)-Molybdenum alloy with excellent corrosion resistant properties. It is a high strength alloy that is compatible in both high and low-temperature environments (-423 F – 1300 F) (253 C – 704 C). It exhibits excellent fatigue, creep, and rupture strength making it an ideal alloy for fabricating springs. It is a superior material choice to Inconel X750 at higher temperatures when material strength is a factor.

Wide Range of Operating Environments 

The alloy retains 75% of its tensile strength up to 1300 F (704 C). Inconel 718 remains ductile in cryogenic environments and is suitable for low-temperature applications like compressed liquid natural gas or CO2 processing. It retains 85% of its ductility at temperatures down to -400 F (-240 C). 718 also performs better than Nimonic 90 at cryogenic temperatures. The material performs well in sour gas environments although there are other nickel alloys such as Inconel 625 and Inconel 725 that perform even better.

Inconel 718 Heat Treatment Specifications 

Inconel 718 is also resistant to hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking with HRc values as high as 40 when in the solution annealed and aged condition. To meet these requirements the NACE MR1075 specifications for heat treatment are followed. The material is typically solution annealed at 1850-1900 F (1010 – 1040 C) and precipitation hardened at 1450 F (780 C) up to 8 hrs.

High Fatigue & Material Strength

To meet high fatigue and material strength, heat treatment is conducted by solution annealing at 1700 – 1800 F (925 – 980 C) followed by a rapid cool and precipitation hardening at 1325 F (720 C) for 8 hrs. and furnace cooling to 1150 F (620 C) for 18 hours.

Features & Benefits of Inconel 718 Springs

Coiling Technologies produces and delivers Inconel 718 custom springs that:

  • Resists corrosion in most environments
  • High strength with tensile values as high as 230 Ksi (1590 MPa)
  • Easily fabricated into many spring and wire form elements
  • Endures high temperatures up to 1300 F (704 C)
  • Endures low temperatures down to -423 F (-272 C)
Technical Specification Inconel 718
Nominal Composition

Ni:50.0 - 55.0
Cr: 17.0 - 21.0

Cb(Nb): 4.75 - 5.5

Mo: 2.8 - 3.3


0.296 lb./in3, (8.19 g/cm3)

Modulus of Elasticity (E)

At 70°F (20°C):29.0 x 103 ksi

Modulus of Rigidity (G)

At 70°F(20°C): 11.6x103 ksi

Coefficient of Expansion

7.7 µin/in.-°F (70°F to 600°F)
13.9 µm/m-°C (20°C to 300°C)

Electrical Resistivity

47.5 µΩ.in, (121 µΩ.cm)

Thermal Conductivity

79 Btu-in/ft2hr-°F, (12.0 W/m-K)

Min Size

0.002 in (0.0500 mm)

Max Temp

650oC (1200oF)

Uses of Inconel 718 springs

It has good resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures. Hence used in atmospheres encountered in jet engines and gas turbine operations.

Industries and Applications

Coiling Technologies’ Inconel 718 custom manufactured, high strength corrosion resistant springs are used in a wide variety of industries, especially where high strength and resistance to high temperatures is critical.

Inconel 718 custom industrial, corrosion resistant springs are commonly used in the following applications:

 Coiling Tech Certifications & Experience

Coiling Technologies, Inc. is an ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer of high-tech, specialized springs and is committed to providing quality products. Coiling Technologies has the experience, expertise, and equipment to deliver the superior springs you want and the dedication and passion to provide the service you desire.

  • Certified ISO 9001 manufacturer of custom large and small coil springs, compression springs, disc springs, extension springs, suspension springs, torsion springs, and wave springs.
  • Has more than 45 years of experience in the industry
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology and efficient manufacturing methods to shorten production times and improve product consistency
  • Offers on-site product prototyping, including wire forms, powder coating, special coatings, magnetic particle inspections, shot peening, cycle testing, and heat treating.

Combining nearly 45 years of spring manufacturing experience with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Coiling Technologies is dedicated to manufacturing the best corrosion-resistant Inconel springs for a variety of industries including oil and gas, energy and power generation, sub-sea environments, chemical processing, glass manufacturing, etc.. Contact us today for an estimate on custom Inconel 718 springs!